What’s Chakra Crystals?

There are seven chakras present in the human body. They are considered energy wheels, and they help in functioning your body and soul. The chakras require proper nurturing and balance to keep the body energised, grounded, and centred at all times. Crystals and stones were widely used back in ancient times for their energetic healing powers.

These stones help heal deep-rooted problems and attract happiness, good health, and prosperity in life. Every chakra stone possesses its own unique healing characteristic and power. These stones offer a shield against every negative and evil energy present out there. Let us delve into these seven important chakra crystals and discuss them.

7 Types of Chakra Crystals


This crystal comes in several colours, such as red, yellow, green, blue, and peach. This healing crystal attracts nothing but pure feelings, promoting relationships that are long-lasting and true.

Green Aventurine, in particular, is very popular because of its power and maximum healing characteristics. This stone also attracts great fortune and many new opportunities. It enhances your self-esteem and confidence. Plus, it also heals sleep disorders and heart ailments.


This yellow-coloured crystal is one of the most loved and celebrated crystals, according to many enthusiasts and professionals. But it isn’t just pretty to look at but also comes with tons of healing properties. It will also help in bringing excess wealth and prosperity into your life. You won’t be dealing with financial problems anymore.

Clear Quartz

This master healer crystal helps in resolving different problems in life. This translucent and clear crystal improves mental, emotional, and physical stability in everybody that wears it. The person will also experience unconditional love and wisdom.


This stone brings motivation and confidence in anyone that wears it. It will help in elevating your energy by offering great power, allowing you to resolve any difficult situation.


This “All-Purpose-Stone” is one of the most popular crystals present out there. It comes in a variety of shades and hues of violet colour. It is known for resonating the third eye and heart chakra.

Your mind will receive clarity and remove every confusion, allowing relief from stress and anxiety. It also protects you from sicknesses such as cell degeneration and insomnia.

Black Tourmaline

This dark stone is a top protector of anyone who wears it, such as protection from electromagnetic fields. You can place this stone near electronic devices and gadgets for preventing dangerous EMF frequencies. You will also have protection from negative energies anywhere you go.

Rose Quartz

This pink stone is all about the power of love. It portrays a symbolisation of harmony and love. Your heart will be more receptive to love, peace, and harmony. If you are currently suffering from compatibility problems, relationship issues, and emotional instability, then you can expect this stone to heal you. You will have more love and also project the same towards everyone in your life.

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