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Amethyst Crystals & Stones for Sale

Buy beautiful amethyst crystals and stones.

What's Amethyst Crystals?

Amethyst consists of a violet variety that comes from the quartz crystals family. Its name stems from a Koine Greek and is a reference to a belief of how the stone protects the owner from being drunk. Many Ancient Greeks were wearing Amethyst and also carving drinking vessels to prevent intoxication back in the day. This semiprecious stone is widely used as jewellery and is February’s traditional birthstone.

The stone tends to occur in primary shades from light or bright lavender to a pale violet or to some deep purple. This crystal shows secondary tones such as blue and red. You can easily find top-quality Amethyst in countries such as the Far East, Siberia, Uruguay, Sri Lanka, and Brazil. The perfect grade is known as the “Deep Siberian,” which features a primary purple shade of over 75-80%, accompanied by blue/red secondary shades of 15-20%.

Past & Present Usage

Many people also use this stone for healing reasons. Millions and millions of people have been seeking this stone for ages, all because of its gorgeous colours and how it stimulates your emotions and mind. Ancient China was using this stone as an effective tool for clearing away every negative energy and also driving away all the hazards present in our daily lives.

Ancient Egyptians also used Amethyst to protect themselves from fearful and guilty feelings, as well as witchcraft. Many soldiers were also using this stone in the past for its protective and powerful nature. It does a great job in assisting sobriety and controlling evil thoughts. You can expect to maintain perfect mindfulness and thoughts with this stone.

Amethyst Benefits

Some of its perks include:


It carries and brings serene energy, which assists in unwinding and relaxing. It does a great job in soothing the body and also decreases restlessness and anxious nerves. You can use this crystal whenever you are wound up or jittery. Your muscles will start to ease, and you will feel peaceful and super-relaxed.

Physical Health Improvement

According to many online claims, this crystal brings multiple healing properties to your body. Your immune system and endocrine function will witness a major improvement. It also promotes your skin appearance and digestive health. Plus, it reduces headaches and regulates your hormones.

Weight Loss

It also increases your possibility to shed weight by balancing your metabolism. In this way, your body will start to burn more calories in an efficient manner. Plus, there is also proper hormonal balance that contributes to weight loss. The stone also helps in avoiding bad habits by encouraging you to stick with your diet. Soon, you will be exercising daily and eating healthy.

Better Mental Focus

Amethyst helps you obtain your desired emotional state by stimulating and calming your mind. You won’t have any scattered thoughts but undivided focus at all times. Your memory will improve, and you will also have heightened senses. You can say goodbye to a cloudy and overworked mind and welcome fresh new ideas.

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