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Anxiety Crystals & Stones for Sale

Buy beautiful anxiety relieving crystals and stones.

What's Anxiety Crystals?

One great thing about crystals would be how there is one kind for every single problem. Crystals cover everything from healing broken hearts to warding off any negative energies.

Crystals are also super-effective in healing people with anxiety. We all know that anxiety is inevitable, and everybody deals with it; some people have it worse with this disorder. Whenever your anxiety starts to flare up, you can use crystals for healing yourself. They will soothe your anxiety and revive your soul back to its cheerful, healthy and balanced state.

Different Types of Anxiety Crystals

Here is a list of some of the various anxiety crystals and their wide benefits. Ensure that they are tons of them, and we are only discussing some of them. They are as follows:


Let us start our list with the anxiety alleviator, Amethyst. This protective stone features gorgeous purple hues and is known for its soothing power. Every crystal professional or avid user will suggest this stone for your anxiety.

It helps your thoughts to settle and promises a good sleep by getting rid of all the overthinking. It also goes by the name of “all-purpose-stone” for its undeniable healing abilities. People that suffer from nightmares and insomnia will also benefit from it. It will keep your clarity and emotions in check.

Lapis Lazuli

This powerful stone brings your closer to your ultimate higher truth. It breathes regal and heavenly energy into your body, helping combat anxiety. You won’t be bothered by all the little invalid details in life anymore. It features a royal blue shade.


This stone promotes spiritual wellness and acts as a quick fix for an anxious soul. It aligns all your chakras and calms a heart that’s susceptible to panic. Your heart and mind will be soft and at peace from using this stone.


This stone is also known as “The Releaser”, and it breathes compassion into the user. It does a great job of reducing and suppressing your anxiety. You won’t be panicking anymore but only feel secure and calm at all times. The wearer of this stone will be releasing all the deep past trauma too.

Rose Quartz

This popular pink stone has a gentle energy and signifies universal love. Regardless of its size, the stone attracts a calming type of energy. It doesn’t just stimulate the heart chakra but your root chakra as well, causing relief in anxiety. Love, peace, and harmony will replace your fear, heartache, pain, and trauma.


This dark stone helps you connect with the natural frequencies of earth and keeps you grounded. You will feel free, aligned, and balanced, causing the lost mind to revert back to a healthy state. It soaks all the negative energies from the wearer and his/her environment.

Black Tourmaline

In a flash, you will see how anxiety fades away when you wear this stone. It acts as a powerful shield from negative surroundings and EMF’s. This creamy and dark crystal helps in preventing panic attacks.

Blue Lace Agate

This gentle stone features both a light and dark blue colour. It helps improve broken communications, tense situations, and stress. The wearer will experience alleviation in anxiety and stress at all times.


This stone is life’s golden optimiser and projects joy, enthusiasm, and wonders. It will replace your doubt and fear with clarity, warmth, and motivation. Don’t be surprised when it unwinds all your anxiety and tension from your weary body.

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