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What's Healing Crystals?

Healing Crystals are believed to be conduits of the earth’s healing energy. They help in emitting positive, calming, uplifting, and energizing vibrations. These crystals enable the users to achieve a peaceful mind and a physical body that’s completely revitalized.

Every one of the crystals tends to have a varying effect on your body and mind. The vibrations of the crystals tend to stem from the unique process their molecules and atoms interact and move.

Over the years, wellness trends of the new age, such as past life regression therapy, salt therapy, and the use of crystals, are a huge part of mainstream media.

Many people use these crystals in their everyday lives because of self-care. You will come to know that there are tons of people promoting the use of healing crystals, especially social media influencers. You will find them all over Instagram pages, shelves of many yoga studios, and even your co-worker’s desk.

Types Of Healing Crystals & Their Benefits


This healing crystal does a great job in releasing negative traits such as fear from your life. It helps in promoting clarity, optimism, motivation, and warmth. Plus, it also enhances your mindful qualities such as concentration and creativity.


This precious blue stone reflects royalty and wisdom. It tends to attract peace, prosperity, and happiness. Your mind will be more responsive to intuition and beauty. Health issues such as blood disorders, eye problems, and cellular levels will witness improvement. Plus, it also tackles insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

Clear Quartz

This white healing crystal is known as a master healer. Clear Quartz amplifies your energy by choosing to absorb, store, release, and regulate it. Your memory and concentration power will also experience a boost. Many people pair this stone with Rose Quartz for enhancing their abilities. It is all about stimulating your balance and immune system in your body.

Tiger’s Eye

This beautiful golden stone elevates your motivation and power. Negative traits like fear, self-doubt, and anxiety will start to go away. It brings balance and harmony, allowing you to make conscious decisions relating to heart matters and career aspirations.

Rose Quartz

This pink stone emits pure love and helps in restoring harmony and trust. It will improve the connections in every type of relationship. When you need calm and comfort, you can turn to this stone too. Plus, it encourages your worth, love, trust, and respect.


This protective stone acts as a shield against emotional and physical negativity. It helps remove emotional baggage and brings strength, compassion, and clarity. It also has physical benefits such as detoxifying your body, digestion aid, and reducing cramps and body aches.


This powerful blue crystal is all about healing your mind, soul, and body. It promotes emotional balance and acts as a good luck charm. There are health benefits like Improving the immune, skeletal, and respiratory systems.


Jasper is a smooth crystal that is also known as a supreme nurturer. It empowers and supports your spirit. It doesn’t allow negative emotions but promotes courage, confidence, and quick thinking.


This stone cleanses your blood by getting rid of bad energies and enhancing circulation. It tends to encourage idealism, selflessness, and creativity. Other bad traits such as irritability, impatience, and aggressiveness also go away.


Ruby is all about restoring your energy levels and vitality. It brings improvement to your sensuality, intellect, and sex. There will be more self-awareness and truth. Plus, it was used during ancient times for removing toxins from the blood.

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