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What's Meditation Crystals?

Crystals don’t just offer an earthy type of touch to your home décor, but it also offers healing properties. It possesses increased vibrations and ancient energy that are good for spiritualism.

Meditation crystals assist you in unlocking many newer avenues inside of you. It helps in opening chakras, mind-clearing, and welcoming gentle meditation at all times. You will start to experience multiple benefits related to your soul, body, and mind with these stones. Now, let us dive into some of the widely used meditation crystals.

Popular Meditation Crystals

Clear Quartz

This beautiful gemstone is well-rounded and perfect for meditating. Once you start to use it, you will experience a clearer and fresher mind. It is excellent in filtering out all the unwanted distractions from your daily life.

Whenever you choose to meditate, you can wear it as a pendant right around your neck. Your mind will receive that breakthrough that it’s been wanting and needing for years.


This precious crystal is a pop of bright and powerful energy. It reflects amazing characteristic traits such as positivity, peace, and happiness. You have to realise that meditation isn’t always about being serious and slow. You can expect it to be joyous, sublime, and light-hearted too.

This stone is known for being increasingly positive and offers a ton of good fortune. Citrine loves to take you on that meditative route and lifts your heart. You will soon be on your brighter days by using this stone.


Selenite is held on a pedestal for its ethereal beauty and quality. Whenever you practice meditation, you will need higher vibrations, and that’s what this stone is known for offering. Once you begin meditating, you will be at peace and also garner excellent psychic insights and abilities.

Lapis Lazuli

It features a regal blue appearance accompanied by perfect golden flecks. This crystal tends to ooze scared knowledge, hope, and strength. This crystal is connected to ancient wisdom as well as connection in the spirit world. It will chase off all the shadows and will enable you to shine bright. You can use it once you get into deeper meditation, helping you unlock your inner truth.

Black Tourmaline

This black-coloured stone is soothing and also protective at the same time. It is known for absorbing negative emotions, thoughts, and feelings. You won’t feel spacey at all during meditation by using this crystal. It helps you in staying grounded. Many avid users suggest this stone for meditating purposes.

Amethyst crystals

This popular stone is laced in deep purple hues, lilacs, and lavender. It is perfect for meditation because of how calm it makes you feel. This crown chakra healer is all about high vibrations and helps you connect deeply with yourself. It tends to get rid of anxiety and stress, allowing you to be at peace. You can place this on your forehead for higher leaps during meditation.


This gemstone is quite underrated, and many people aren’t aware of its many benefits. It works well in relieving stress and anxiety, giving you that calm sense of peace. It removes difficult emotions and thoughts that overwhelm you.

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