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What's Moonstone Crystals?

Moonstone consists of a crystal mineral that is fully natural. This crystal is believed to harvest the moon’s authentic energy and also embodies yin’s relaxing and passive energy. Moonstone helps in promoting a positive balance and well-being in your life. You will also experience an enhanced intuition using this crystal.

There are light and colour shifts with the iridescence accompanied by a watery and fluid movement. It is also called a mother’s milk since its appearance is milky and soft.

This stone belongs to the family of Feldspar. The story behind its name is how many believed the stone to have been made by moonbeams. Moonstones are extremely popular in countries such as Brazil, United States, Germany, and India. Being a stone of emotional balance, this stone helps you delve into and locate that inner truth and wisdom. It is all about connecting to your higher self and being more in-tune with your truth.

The moonstone possesses a motherly type of energy that covers the person who wears it with love and warmth. It is also believed to enhance and elevate psychic abilities, along with the ability to harness intuitive powers. Many psychic channels and healers around the world favour this particular crystal, and we aren’t surprised why. There are many people who wear moonstone jewellery such as earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces for garnering a ton of spiritual and physical benefits.

Moonstone Benefits

Moonstones are fashionable but mysterious at the same time. Yes, this crystal isn’t rare, but it is also misunderstood a lot. It carries an array of health benefits that cater to everybody regardless of their gender. Let us look at some of the benefits surrounding this stone.

Balance In Your Emotions

You can wear the moonstone or even trade it with your partner. It helps in creating a relaxing effect on every single person that uses it. A user will experience feelings of peacefulness and composure. It doesn’t matter what type of emotional baggage comes your way; you will have stability and power with this stone.

This stone also brings a nurturing side to you and breaks that closed-off emotional wall. Plus, moonstone also promotes eroticism and love in people.

Astrological Benefits

Moonstone tends to act as a powerful talisman for many travellers. It protects them in their journey from any accidents or mishaps. It is also called a prophesying stone, and many lovers perceive it to be the ultimate gift.

The stone activates the sacral and heart chakra present in your body for boosting psychic abilities and stimulating your inner growth. Moonstone also attracts a ton of fortunes for the wearer by bringing many profits and luck on their side.

Health Benefits

Moonstone improves hormonal balance and menstrual disorders in women. It also brings relief during childbirth, which is a great highlight. There are also many claims that it cures illnesses such as spleen, liver, pancreas, and stomach. The digestive system also witnesses a positive change from its use. This stone is known to remove many toxins from your blood.

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