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What's Quartz Crystals?

Quartz is a part of the trigonal crystal system. Quartz crystals tend to be twinned, inter-grown with adjacent crystals, or distorted. Quartz is the second most plentiful natural mineral, which can be found in many different forms and can also be combined with other minerals. Quartz is pretty versatile and therefore has many uses, especially when it comes to healing crystals.

You can even use the clear quartz to rid yourself of all the negative energy by holding it in your non-dominant hand and ask the crystal to help you release the negativity from your body. Quartz also can enhance spiritual growth, increase wisdom and awareness while also helping with creativity. For romantic relationships, quartz is known to be a crystal of harmony and peace.

Types of Quartz

Clear quartz

This is known as the “master healer” among healing crystals. It typically comes with six sides and is known for being able to magnify energetic vibrations. Its most popular usage is for meditation and other healing such as dreamwork, sound healing, and flower essence therapy.

Since this crystal is known for amplifying thought and energy, it works on the principle that whatever you bring to the table gets even more amplified. If you feel joyous, this energy is doubled, whereas if you feel confused and angry, the negativity is also strengthened. For this reason, it is recommended that you use clear quartz with the utmost respect and a clear mind to give you back the positive energy twofold.

Rose quartz

The rose quartz is all about love. This type of quartz is known for helping with romantic relationships by bringing peace and harmony to them. It also helps in building and restoring trust between lovers and improves their intimacy. During times of grief and sadness, it also helps deal with negative emotions.

Amethyst quartz

Amythyst quartz is a very soothing healing crystal and is even used as a spiritual crystal. It is also in line with the crown chakra, which helps restore your peace of mind and attain clarity. It is serene healing quartz that can help you be more mindful.

Aventurine quartz

Aventurine quartz is known as the confidence booster among all quartz crystals. It is also sometimes called the “Stone of Opportunity,” which means that you can expect good opportunities to come your way. This stone is closely linked to the heart chakra, which brings the user feelings of positivity, hope, and gratitude.

Blue Quartz

The Blue quartz is an aura cleanser that washes away all your negative energy. It revives your soul and uplifts you to connect with the throat chakra, improving your communication skills.

Bloodstone Quartz

The Bloodstone quartz is here to give your heart the strength it needs to heal the body and improve circulation. This stone brings you a stable and sound mind along with good energy to get you through tough times in life.

These are just some of the few quartz stones that can help you in living your best life. It accentuates the already good vibes present in your life and works towards making it even better. There are so many varieties of quartz crystals at Stones by Sierra. Get yours now!