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What's Spiritual Crystals?

Crystals have always been in use since the ancient days, not only as jewelry but also to help cure any illnesses and physical or mental ailments. Spiritual crystals are made from the earth’s energy, and so they carry with them the power to bring you their type of “vibration” to help you connect with your own life.

Many spiritual crystals are at least a million years old; hence, they hold much information that humans are yet not exposed to. It is believed that crystals can absorb information around them and even pass it along to the next person that comes in contact with it. In this way, the very nature of crystals is that they oscillate and emit different vibrations.

Types of Spiritual Crystals

Some of the most popular spiritual crystals are listed below:

Rose quartz

As the name suggests, rose quartz has a pink shade which can also be a little cloudy in some of the crystals. The color of the crystal is so because of the presence of titanium in it. This spiritual stone is quite brittle, and it also creates a star type of effect within the stone itself.

Rose quartz is known for its calming effect on the user. It is representative of peace, love, healing, and personal growth. Experts suggest you keep rose quartz beside your bed to allow self-love and self-esteem to grow within you.


This stone comes in an orange-red color and is known to give you courage and confidence. The element of the Carnelian is fire, and hence, it is quite a fierce stone that knocks over all your self-doubting and insecurities. It can also help turn all your negative emotions, such as anger and jealousy, into happiness and calmness.

Not only is this crystal good for your spiritual life, but it also works well in protecting your internal organs. The Carnelian gives you better blood circulation and increases energy.

Lapis Lazuli

This blue gemstone is famous for bringing harmony to your life. It will relieve you of all tensions and anxiety. Lapis Lazuli is known to protect you from bad dreams and give you good ones.

Amethyst is a healing crystal and is known to be an “all healer.” This spiritual crystal is famous for bringing peace into your life and alleviating all user stress, anger, anxiety, and impatience. Not only does it work with physical pain but also with mental and spiritual pain.


This spiritual crystal comes in different colors, such as green, purple, yellow, and green. It is a believed o be one of the most mythical crystals, which helps make you more self-aware and ridding your body of all negative energies. The Labradorite stone is excellent to use for self-discovery and keeping the mind calm.

Get rid of bad energy

As you may have noticed from the above descriptions, spiritual crystals and all other healing crystals can come in many different colors. Because of this, each crystal’s energy and vibration frequencies are different. In this way, they correspond to other chakras and elements.

Charging your crystals can also rid your crystals of unwanted or harmful energy. Another thing you can do to recharge your crystals is to expose them to nature, such as water or sunlight. Sometimes you can even keep them out in the moonlight and the soil to recharge.

The good thing about spiritual crystals is that you get to charge your crystals and get them purified to maximize their healing powers. Get your spiritual crystal from Stones by Sierra.